Your First Baby Steps

your first baby steps

I let your sweet fragrance
embrace me, as I hold you
ever so closely and
bask in the tenderness
of your distinct baby sounds.
I laugh at the tiny power
of your sneezes, and
smile in hearing your dainty hiccups.
Your small cries send a
warm blossoming to my heart,
Because they tell me that
I am needed and that there will
be another person who will soon be loving me
For who I am and what I’m worth.

I am so grateful for your coming,
because you are my great chance
at being a mom again.
You are the angel
who will uphold me,
and will let me redeem myself.
I was not the mother I wanted to be
to your brother and sister.
So now, with you I’m getting
another opportunity to show everyone,
how capable I am of taking care of you.
This time, I will not only be able to see you
but also hold your hands as you take –
your first baby steps.


*It is always a mother’s wish to take care of her baby and to witness the different milestones that she goes through as she grows. Unfortunately, there are circumstances like jobs, health issues and others, that would draw you away from your wish to be with your baby as she develops. That was what happened to me with my first and second baby. And although when I was writing this poem for my third baby, Elle, I was optimistic that I will be with her all the way, that was not what happened.

So now, I am just trying my best to make every moment I have with my kids count. I may not be with them all the time because of the demands of my job, but I do love them and am working hard for their sake. I just hope that they will realize and understand that.  – Leigh*



2 thoughts on “Your First Baby Steps

    • leighheart says:

      Thank you very much for your wonderful words, Sam. Yes, mothers and even fathers, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters and friends, can only just give their best. What matters is that they gave and made it known that they do care.

      I really appreciate your dropping by, Sam. Great big hugs go out to you, too! 🙂

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