an ode to donna

donna in the rain

she loved the rain.
she loved the sun.
she loved to laugh and dance.
she loved to have fun.
she loved life…but –
said it didn’t love her back –
because it gave her a pain
that shattered her dreams
and almost broke her spirit.

however, she did not let on.
she tried to hide her pain.
she tried to live life to the fullest,
even to the last of her days.
when she was already dying,
she didn’t want to be tethered
by tubes and all –
because she wanted to run free
and go to where she was headed.

she was all smiles,
all laughter, never tears.
she did not want to see anyone cry.
so, when she went off, to the field of
angels and butterflies that she was headed for,
we laughed through our tears and cried
through our smiles…
because donna was the kind of girl
who would say,
“when you think of me, smile…
because what good would be the memories
that i left behind, if you would weep
when you remember them”.


*A poem I wrote for my sister Donna, who died in May 2008 because of leukemia.*


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