My Bed, Lonely, Creaks No More

messy bed - courtesy of

my bed is the most
lonely place there is right now,
for i know i will
never find you there again.
your head will not
dent my pillows.
your body could no
longer mess my sheets.
and, my heart cries out
with the pain of it all,
for your scent
still lingers
as poignantly
as your touch,
your kisses
and your love.

how can i go on
sleeping at nights
without your sweat
to cool my skin?
how can i ever bear
to lie down in my bed again?
thinking – that never
will it creak…
it’s old springs
will forever cease their nasty protest,
because you and i
will never make love on it again…
will never bask
in the wondrously blissful
aftermath of our love…

because to parting,
we inevitably gave up
and parting
gave way to sorrowful tears,
for illicit was
our love, it was
never ours to keep.


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