Gems on the Pavement

Streetkids by Katrina Pacheco of

When darkness falls,

I see you curled on the sidewalk

with nothing but a

flimsy piece of carton

to shield your young body

from the harsh cold of the pavement.

In sleep, your face looks

like that of an angel, although

covered with soot and grime.

I wonder what dreams

race across your weary head.

I wonder whether you sleep

because of tiredness

or to forget that you haven’t

even had a morsel of bread.

Is there redemption for you

and others living like you?

Will time come when you’ll

finally experience some warmth, care and love,

A family and a home

where all your needs will be taken care of?

Will someone realize and save you

from being gems on the pavement

and mold you into being the treasures

of their hearts?


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