Discovering the Mystery

light and dark by H&K Photography

Deep into the night I wander,

trying to find meaning of the darkness.

There is not much to feel around me,

only the cold that seem to envelop my senses

that seemed attuned to the noises

that permeate the stillness of the air.

I hear the cricket’s song.

Its incessant chirping is like a balm

to my soul that felt alone.

But, beyond the dark, I see a light.

It is beckoning me near.

It is not offering me any answers

to the questions I was asking,

but it is drawing me closer

to tell me that in light as in darkness,

there is much mystery.


4 thoughts on “Discovering the Mystery

  1. Linda Hewett says:

    Hello Leigh and congratulations on starting your new venture!
    This is a soulful poem for sure.
    I look forward to reading more of your work and I hope you’ll have time to send me some more of your poems too.
    Warmest wishes,

    • leighheart says:

      Hi, Linda.

      Thank you so much for dropping by. I am very honored to have you here in my new home.

      And, yes, I will continue to contribute to your site. I’ve been writing haiku lately, do you publish them as well?

      Leigh 🙂

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