The “I Miss You” Series – Part ONE of Three

Beautiful Twinkling City Lights of Singapore by the River by Harvey Enrile and Katrina Pacheco

the excited voices
the sumptuous meal
the fascinating conversation
the warm breeze
the twinkling of the city lights
the laughter
old friends

My heart whispered, “I miss you.”

*Missing someone is a feeling not alien to all of us. We have gone through this many times in the course of our lives. The unfortunate thing is that not all of us can really show or say how much we miss a person. But, I say, if you miss someone, tell them about it. You never know, you won’t have any other chance to do so.

So in line with this, today, I am featuring the first of the poignant “I Miss You” series written by my friend, Jaime Anora. If you will follow this series, which comes in three parts, you will understand why I believe it’s worth sharing.

Enjoy and please tell that someone you miss him or her right now, before it’s too late. – Leigh*

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One Kiss

romantic kiss by monikmona on

leave me with but one kiss,
to tide me over
until i can have all of you
encompass my being.
leave me with that
fiery imprint on my lips,
that will linger, even
as the morning after
has turned to high noon.
let me just feel it
scald my soul
with its full intensity –
knowing full well
that i’d lie awake
’til all hours
thinking…what would
have happened, if
i had let you –
leave me with more…


*In memory of love’s first kiss – Leigh*

Paperback or Hardbound

Books = Delightful Days

the smell of sweet delight

and lazy afternoons,

paperback or hardbound – a book.


*Since I started reading at the age of five, I have always loved books. For me, books provide the great escape into a world unlike my own. They are what brings me to rides of adventure, mystery, love and what-not that I could never have on my own, opening up to me a realm of imagination that I wouldn’t have otherwise thought about.

The photo above shows my desk at the office. The books there show people, who come to the office, my personality – that I am a person who feels almost empty without a book nearby. I am a book lover. Some call me a bookworm and oftentimes I am remembered as the girl with her head always buried in a book and I am very proud of that. I hope you are, too, if you are like me. – Leigh*


Sinulog by Harvey Enrile and Katrina Pacheco -

out in the streets
contingents danced with the beat
crowds watched merrily…


*This is another haiku by my friend Zoehl Rallos, who enjoyed the Sinulog Mardi Gras on the streets this year.

The photo is by my friends, Harvey Enrile and Katrina Pacheco of

The Sinulog Festival is a yearly celebration in Cebu City, Philippines held in the honor of the child Jesus, the Senor Sto. Nino. For more information about the festival, just click on the Sinulog Festival link above.*


the path to salvation by H&K Photography -

Like a childless mother

craving to prove her worth,

She placed herself in the path

of pure, lustful abandon,

Never taking a rest from

her endless pursuit of love

through bodily gratification.

But, the rulings of fate prevailed,

trapping her in never-ending circles

of failure, leaving her devastated

and seeking release from

her wanton sexuality gone haywire.


Willing herself to change,

she folded her hands to pray

and be silent in a moment of contemplation.

Then, with sheer courage

and a blind leap of faith,

She pulled herself from the mire

she has been drowning into fast.

Finally, she has resolved to let love find her

instead of using her body

to get what the heart has to offer.


*This poem was a product of a creativity exercise I did based on the number 6 item on my soul-sister friend Kaarina Dillabough‘s post, 10 Steps to Boost Your Creativity for Your Business and Your Life. I got the 10 random words (see the words underlined in the poem as well) from Elizabeth Gilbert‘s book, Committed and they are:

1. pray

2. craving

3. devastated

4. sheer

5. willing

6. rulings

7. rest

8. sexuality

9. childless

10. circles

If you will read Kaarina’s post, you will see that each of us can be creative and there are ways for us to exercise the innate creativity and imagination that is within us. In life, there is nothing as satisfying as letting your creative juices and your imagination flow. Hope you will find the time to do that for yourself. – Leigh*


into the dusky skies she went


she was all pinks, magentas, reds and saffrons…
she was always illumination incarnate with her smiles.
she was smart as a whip and always had plans in mind,
her goals were lofty but she was a hard worker…
she almost reached them.

but, then purples, grays, blacks, subdued her…
tried to rob her spirit –
almost succeeded the first time,
but, fortunately, failed.
so, even while already paling in colors,
she tried…
to show all her pinks, magentas, reds and saffrons –
and touched everyone that she passed by,
endearing her more to a lot of souls,
planting seeds of memories wherever she went.

she was all pinks, magentas, reds and saffrons…
until she faded away.
she went into the dusky skies,
left us but colored another galaxy with her blaze.
the dark shades subdued her, the next time they came…
they took her away but she went smiling and peaceful,
still spreading her beautiful shades.


*Another poem that I wrote for my sister, Donna, who passed away because of leukemia. Although she struggled after she was diagnosed and hospitalized because of her illness, Donna’s spirit and enjoyment of life never faded. She did her best to hide her pain and managed to infect more people by how she chose to live her remaining days.

Donna, you will always be remembered – not just by us, your family or by your friends, but even by those people who knew you during the time when you were already sick. A huge thanks go out to all those people who donated blood and money, so you could be with us longer. – Leigh*